A new Family Member

We have gotten ourselves a baby, a very hairy one with four legs. Lilo is her name, she's from Romania and was born in august 2017 (last year). She has a trauma from when she was a puppy. The shelter that we adopted from found her at the side of the road with a broken leg when she was very little. They believed she had been thrown out of a car.
Therefore she was very scared when she came in may 19 this year. Not trusting humans and shaking at the sight of them.
She has been here almost two months now and her development has been extrordinary. Every day she has surprized us with new steps of bravery and we are amazed at how much love and intellegence that rests inside of that furry body.
Last Saturday we went to the beach for the first time and taking the bus was really scary at first. But when we got off, it was all worth it. It may have been her happiest moment this far and when we got back home and had taken a shower all three of us she slept inbetween me and Andreas for the first time the whole night. With other words a magical evening!

Lund Hold's up as Usual

Yeah I've been off for almost half a year. One of the reasons was that I forgot my password to the blog. Life goes on all the time right? The photos in this post is taken at Stortorget here in Lund. I'm not quite sure what it's all about but they have a big door there where people have gotten the opportunity to put down some thoughts.
And the messages are of various levels. My favourite one says " I shall be nice this year" written by a kid. It has story to it, as one can assume the last year contained of acts that led up to this promise. 
Also some angry locals have contributed with a passive agressive gesture to show their unapproval of the ongoing trambuildings. (Photo no 3) It says "In memory of a stupid desition".

Malmö Today

I was in Malmö today for secret business. Took the opportunity to photograph two cewl sightings near Stortorget. Architecture / Design that always makes me inspired when I see them. Also found a new second hand place I didn't know about close by where I bought a basket to put all my yarn in. It's now a natural part of our livingroom as it stands underneath one of the tables, reminding me to do some knitting when I watch tv.