Lattjo Lajban - Painting

Been working on this digital painting to my sister for her birthday yesterday. I concider it finished though I still feel like some more detailing could be added. But at the moment I have trouble seeing how to proceed and therefore I will let it rest for a while. 
The rabbit was a pet of my sister when we grew up. His name was Lattjo Lajban and he was a real character. More like a dog/human than a rabbit. A very special individual worthy of many paintings.

Illustrating Midsummer´s Eve

To late actually but I've had so much going on lately, much in chool before the end of the term and then some travels within the Swedish borders. Been living alot without good internet connections and therefore both my blog and the articles at the Cult page. But today I finally found the peace to put alot of effort into the latest post by making all the illustrations for it.