Painting Tiling Textures

For the APP( Advanced Personal Projects)  we have in school I am now painting textures for the modular house I'm going to build and finish until next week. Learning alot as always. Today Patrik told me how to easen up the workflow when getting the texture to tile. Much appreciated!

Space Shooter - Enemy Ship

Finally done with the ship for our Space Shooter game yesterday. Also our personalprojects has started and my goal is to make a lowpoly cottage/tavern to be placed in the World of Warcraft environment. But more about that next week.


(Photos used to the photoscanning taken by
School continues as last year with lots of assignments and stuff to do every day. My days are filled and even though its exhausting its still the most fun I had at any education I've ever been to. Especially today when we have our teacher Kostas who more then often teaches us different tools to expand our processes and knowledge further. Today I've been trying out Photoscan for the second time in my life.
Its really cool! Especially when I learned zbrush and maya better than the last time trying it out. I can see all the possibilities it opens up to being able to use this tool.
For you who are not familiar with what photoscanning is:
3D object and textures created from a series of photos taken from different angles.