Zbrush Assignment - The body

This is whats been going on for one and a half week, everyday before lunch at The Game Assembly for me and my fellow classmates. The tempo is high at this school and not selldom I spend around 9-10 hours in school a day. Its exhausting but fun ofcourse and I hope you guys pardon my lack of drawn stuff recently. If you want to be sure not missing out on anything you can also follow my facebook page mariefloodart or my instagram with the same name. 

Comic from about a year ago.

I save almost everything I draw. And it happens that I go back and look through things and end up finding stuff i dont understand why I have not been more proud of. This comic never finished as in a finished drawing way. It's still in the manuscript stage. And many has not gone further than that. Mostly because when I have a story i dont bother to draw it properly and when I want to draw I feel to pressured if its for a final production. This is one of the main reasons I never publish any of my comics.