Zen Drawing

Yesterday was one of those days where you say Yes to the unpredicted and end up having such a great day due to no expectations and living in the present. From Thursday to Sunday the event Lunds Comedy Festival has been going on here in my city. Something I’ve been promising my future self to attend when money isn't the issue.
Received a message from my artist friend Holger Wendt asking if I wanted to join up with him during the saturday to draw some on the glass doors to the entrance of Stadshallen. But it became so much more than that. When the day was over I had found myself actually seeing so many people. Some looked back. And the communication instantly became deeper than talking.
Zen drawing is a concept of using drawing as a way of meditation and if you want to know more about it I advice you to lay your hands on Holger's first book in the matter. 

As if this was not enough I got two tickets to one of the shows at the event. And it happened to be none the less than two comedians and artists that I absolutely adore. They have been a favourite ever since I first saw parts of their show on youtube.
The Pajama Men. And they where even better live.