RTS Game Project 10weeks Done!

Our Real Time Strategy game project was handed in last week finally done. It is supposed to be one of the toughest projects at The Game Assembly and you could tell from everyone's exhaustion. Even though the game is not a finished product and has some flaws I feel satisfied. My responsibilities was UI, menus and menu/death/vin screen backgrounds and the design and sculpting of the main character.
This was all my time with the Galactic Eagles and for the next project in the genre First Person Shooter I will be joining Lunatech. They where in need of another graphics artist and Im looking forward to be working with them.

Valentines Day

Well its Valentines Day nothing I usually celebrate but this year I both recieved messages from my parents and friends and the gift of chocolate (aka getting fat) from my boyfriend. I hope you all out there are inspired to share some extra love and hugs to someone that means alot in your life. <3