The Rook - my spirit animal.

I finally admitted to myself that the Rook is my spirit animal. Trying to desperately find one that is funny to draw as a cartoony character i refused to settle with a bird. Or atleast birds with such big beaks. But when a classmate told me that your spirit animal is an animal you can watch for hours and still find interesting i had to come to terms with that the Rook is that special one in my life. Also we have similar traits. Sneaky,funny and abit sad.


Me and my fiance have reconnected with our game entry from 2014 Ludumdare Hackaton in Lund. Today I remade the backgrounds to make it tile'able to be used for parallax effect in our sidescroller game. While Andreas was working on making a water shader I repainted the assets, redesigned and made a 2D animation for our maincharacter. The things you see above is perhaps not the final versions but is going to be polished as the gamemaking continues. Looking forward to having this project together, working on it on our sparetime and just play around with what we can do.