Malmö Today

I was in Malmö today for secret business. Took the opportunity to photograph two cewl sightings near Stortorget. Architecture / Design that always makes me inspired when I see them. Also found a new second hand place I didn't know about close by where I bought a basket to put all my yarn in. It's now a natural part of our livingroom as it stands underneath one of the tables, reminding me to do some knitting when I watch tv.

Knit Graffiti with Amanda

Since I'm cutting down on my facebook time I thought the blog could be a good place to again share and collect all the projects I keep working on. Recently I got to know Amanda who also loves to knit and we discovered both of us had a common dream to do Knit Graffiti.

We have already put up a few pieces around the Fountain House where we hang about during the days. This Sunday we choose to move closer to the inner city of Lund scouting for good spots to pimp up.

Apart from the satisfaction of knitting and nice outdoorsy time, we got some taste for adventure through this harmless type of activism. I haven't thought through the exact message of it. It's a craft that is closely connected to women. Maybe it shows the importance of feminine qualities (who doesn't have to be gender specific) in our public spaces.
Perhaps the softness, color and thorough work of a knitted piece represents caring, understanding and patience decorating the dense and rough material underneath. Allowing us to embrace both structure and nurture as two important aspects of a prosperous life.

Long time on this raft.

So I've been gone for a long time from the blog. My longest absence this far I think. So much have been going on and I don't feel like exposing myself through sharing it all. It can just be summed up as a lot has happened in various levels of my life and a lot of it has been really bad.

Years of therapy and medication has allowed me to get through this with strengths that I did'nt knew I had. But it has been a lonesome struggle and I'm not through it still. I feel like I just hit the atlantic of life and is now floating freely on the chaotic and unpredictable waves of emotion, thoughts and events.
Nothing will ever be the same and everything will keep changing. As it always have been. Although now I am the one who steers the raft, taking full responsibility over the decisions ahead. Maybe the blog will turn into something new. Almost like a message in a bottle since I'm not sure that anybody even reads it. Perhaps that's not even the point? The story is getting out there, the journey continues and with the staggering idea of that someone could find it, I keep on writing those scrolls.