Comic from about a year ago.

I save almost everything I draw. And it happens that I go back and look through things and end up finding stuff i dont understand why I have not been more proud of. This comic never finished as in a finished drawing way. It's still in the manuscript stage. And many has not gone further than that. Mostly because when I have a story i dont bother to draw it properly and when I want to draw I feel to pressured if its for a final production. This is one of the main reasons I never publish any of my comics.

Mothers Day

Dont forget to send some love for a person who has been like a mother to you.
Weekends goes too fast, especially when you are studying. And that is what I made a comic about a few weeks ago and finally took the time to scan it and add som coloring today. Comics are one of the few artsy things I get to do for my own amusement only, these days and it's actually included in a personal project to make a few diary comics each week. 
Most of them are only poorly drawn manuscripst for comics and the idea is to redraw the ones that turn out somewhat inspiring or fun and publish them here.