Knit Graffiti with Amanda

Since I'm cutting down on my facebook time I thought the blog could be a good place to again share and collect all the projects I keep working on. Recently I got to know Amanda who also loves to knit and we discovered both of us had a common dream to do Knit Graffiti.

We have already put up a few pieces around the Fountain House where we hang about during the days. This Sunday we choose to move closer to the inner city of Lund scouting for good spots to pimp up.

Apart from the satisfaction of knitting and nice outdoorsy time, we got some taste for adventure through this harmless type of activism. I haven't thought through the exact message of it. It's a craft that is closely connected to women. Maybe it shows the importance of feminine qualities (who doesn't have to be gender specific) in our public spaces.
Perhaps the softness, color and thorough work of a knitted piece represents caring, understanding and patience decorating the dense and rough material underneath. Allowing us to embrace both structure and nurture as two important aspects of a prosperous life.

Christmas Preparations

So for once I am quite early with my christmas preparations. I've bought almost all my gifts and wrapped them. Also the christmas cards is in the making. This year I have no theme whatsoever. Most of them are even in different styles. All due to the mood I'm in when making them.

This is not because I don't do anything else, even if it seems that way. But actually for the first time in my life, my daily schedule is to go to work and that means that on the weekends and after work I'm totally free. No school assignments and not as much panic over work I should do, which is an amazing feeling.

Also I catched the cold since friday and been staying at home monday -  wednesday. Going back to work tomorrow and couldn't be more eager to do so. It's been too boring staying at home and even though I've been spending a few days spoiling the guinea pigs, feeling the christmas spirit and watching A LOT of tv I'm very much done with feeling like a total lazyass.


RTS Game Project 10weeks Done!

Our Real Time Strategy game project was handed in last week finally done. It is supposed to be one of the toughest projects at The Game Assembly and you could tell from everyone's exhaustion. Even though the game is not a finished product and has some flaws I feel satisfied. My responsibilities was UI, menus and menu/death/vin screen backgrounds and the design and sculpting of the main character.
This was all my time with the Galactic Eagles and for the next project in the genre First Person Shooter I will be joining Lunatech. They where in need of another graphics artist and Im looking forward to be working with them.