Halloween Cozyness

Lately been very busy since I started my internship at IO interactive (Creators of the Hitman franchise) in Copenhagen. Two months have gone since I joined the Concept Artist team there. So much fun and everyday I grow and get to know new people and the industry. Also last weekend me and my fiance attended TRSAC in Aarhus, Denmark. A demoscene party that I will make a sepparate post about.
Therefore this weekend was perfect to recover from being away for almost two weeks straight and now just stay in Lund, taking in the beauty of this city and getting into the Halloween spirit. My Saturday went by walking around, past a close by cemetary, listening to "Creepy Podden" (Swedish horror podcast) and having a fika at a café drawing zombies.
At the end of the evening me and Andreas went to the local cinema to watch Doctor Strange. Great movie! Loved it <3 And my crush for Benedict Cumberbatch has burst into flames again.

Christmas Celebrations - Norway

The other day we came home from our Christmas trip to Norway. A place where the sun only managed to stay awake for a few hours a day. The snow finally came two days after christmas but unfortunately I dont have any photo evidence of it. Otherwise the holiday was enjoyed with the best of company, lots of food and playing board games.