Trip to Aarhus and TRSAC ( in images)

Me and Andreas on the train from Copenhagen to Aarhus.Took 3 hours.
Vegan and Vegetarian Coffeshop we visited and ate some really awesome lunch and fika at. 10/10 would recommend.
Cafe Bar Under Masken (Under the Mask) went in and almost instantly out due to all the smoke inside. But still a pretty cool place and a bit trippy.
Also found these amazing statues outside of Hotel Royal. Inspiration deluxe.
Going Through my phone I realised I had no Images from the actual Demo Scene Party itself except for this image:
Therefore I made a comic summarising my take on the weekend. 
Explanation of what Demo Scene is according to Wikipedia:
"The demoscene is an international computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos: small, self-contained computer programs that produce audio-visual presentations. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic, and musical skills."